Diamond Doctors = Doctoring Diamonds

If it wasn’t for the endorsement of the Dallas Cowboys I never should’ve trusted that crook David Blank Diamond Doctor jeweler with my hard earned cash! And now we have to endure our life knowing that even if we weren’t rich folks we got fooled by folks richer than us! No wonder they got their mess all over the Internet and news on how Diamond Doctor owner bribes lawyer for $2.5M to cover up all the crookery and fraud they’ve been doing.

David Blank Diamond Doctor

Just like an average joe, I went into a relationship with a gal and that went on for almost 3 years. We decided to get hitched together. We decided on that together with my friends and family. She was a special girl from Dallas, working at the barbeque restaurant over at Smoke. She was kinda tomboyish that she didn’t really indulge in the drama of proposals and marriage. She just wanted to be with me for the rest of her life, and so do I. She said that I shouldn’t bother doing any fancy stuff over our engagement. I said okay but I didn’t stop there. She was a real special girl to me so I went to decide on buying a chunk of ice for her sweet hand. I went to scout for rings at CM Yater & sons, Fuller’s, and at the store of that crook David Blank Diamond Doctor Dallas, Texas. How I went about with checking the diamond was this: I’d ask for the diamond to be taken out of their store with the lights to the outdoors where I can see it sparkle with only light from the sun. I was surprised when only at the store of David Blank Diamond Doctor store was I not allowed to do that. They had those fancy LED lights that help fake the sparkle of those ice. But I went ahead and still bought that solitaire ring with a 3 carat rock for 5 grand just like the blind person that I am.

The engagement went fine. She was flabbergasted when I showed her the ring. I would love to just keep repeating that day when I put the ring on her finger but what happened afterwards had me wish that I should’ve never bought that fake diamond ring from that thief David Blank Diamond Doctor fake jeweler.

Two years passed and we had three kids after our 5 year relationship. Needless to say, we had a lot of bills to pay. She was just working at the barbeque joint and me as an auto mechanic. We had three mouths to feed excluding our own. We had no other choice or option but to pawn our precious wedding bands. She said we didn’t need them anyway and that the memories are still the most precious one at the time of our wedding.

So when we went to that diamond appraiser, I realized a lot of the fraud I was set up at the diamond ring shop owned by David Blank Dallas TX has. After showing him the original receipt, the guy there said I was overcharged on the setting by 25% and that alone is over $1000.  The rock, based on much more research and shopping around I’ve found was terribly priced!  I saw that same one that was just as pretty with the same specifics for just $1500 less when I paid 3 grand for it! Imagine the difference!

I would never recommend Diamond Doctors to my friends and even my enemies.  For more information, visit at http://www.diamonddoctorovergrading.com/david-blank/bribes-lawyer/

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