5 Basic Uses of Polystyrene Foam

Do you have plans to expand your business? If you do, then surely you need an upgrade on the product packaging or equipment you are using. One cost-effective way to do this is through using materials with polystyrene foam.


polystyrene foam


Polystyrene is highly flexible and useful in making a wide range of consumer products such as laboratory ware and food packaging. Moreover, when added with additives, varying colorants, and other types of plastics, this plastic is also utilised in producing electronics, automotive parts, appliances, gardening pots, and other equipment. Therefore, this is actually safe for use.

When made into a foam, this material is also used for insulating and cushioning. Otherwise known as expanded or extruded polystyrene, this is more than 95 percent air and is good for appliance and home insulation, surfboards, food service and food packaging, lightweight protective packaging, roadway and road bank stabilisation systems, and a lot more.

You do not have to worry. Styrene, which is the main chemical component, naturally occurs in food such as strawberries, coffee, cinnamon, and beef. This is created by stringing polystyrene together or making a styrene polymer. As a matter of fact, the polystyrene foam Australia has to offer are safe and extremely useful.


If you do have ovens, microwaves, blenders, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, and air conditioners, then surely you have some sort of polystyrene material. Either solid or foam, this makes the electronic equipment durable and energy-efficient. Click here Poly Productions


On the other hand, both forms of polystyrene are also utilised in making many motor parts including knobs, trims, energy absorbing door panels, sound dampening foam, and instrument panels. Furthermore, polystyrene foam is also used widely in making child protective seats. Likewise, you can create 3D designs through industrial coatings, making your vans, trailers, trucks, and UTE liners look unbelievably good.


As mentioned earlier, this material is also used for housing and other electronic parts for computers, televisions, and other types of equipment.


When you are in the food business, then surely you want your product to last for a longer period of time. For a less expensive alternative, you can make use of polystyrene packaging for better insulation, which potentially prevents spoilage.


Speaking of insulating, do you know that this is also incredibly useful for staying warm indoors? The lightweight polystyrene foam in Australia is excellent for thermal insulation through numerous applications such as roofing, and building walls. Since it is inert, durable, and water-resistant, this is great for freezers, industrial cold storage facilities, and refrigerators.


Aside from its industrial uses, this is also utilised widely in the healthcare sector. Since it is easy to sterilise and clean, polystyrene is used in tissue culture trays, Petri dishes, test tubes diagnostic components, and housing test kits and medical devices. More information at Dan Hadley Adelaide


Polystyrene foam is also used for protecting various consumer products such as DVD cases and CDs, meat and poultry trays, egg cartons, and foam packaging peanuts from spoilage or damage during shipment.

In addition, this is also used to hard coat props, displays, and signs, if you are advertising your products. You can also make 3D billboards and ads to catch the onlookers. You can also coat vehicles and make these look dashing.

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