Common Mistakes People Make During Personal Injury Claims

Accidents are unpredictable and in most cases they cannot be avoided. When you are facing a personal injury, you might find yourself in a tight corner on what to prioritize between filing your case and medical treatment. Engaging Cummings Manookian PLC will enable you to relax as they are well acquainted with the entire legal process, handling your case more professionally. Most people are not conversant with injury lawsuits and end up making critical mistakes that drain their case down the line, risking their chances of getting compensated for the injury. Following are common mistakes you should avoid during personal injury cases:

Ignoring the doctor’s orders

Failure to comply with the doctor’s prescriptions is one of the mistakes that can be very expensive. Insurance companies can take advantage of the plaintiff when they notice gaps in treatments. They usually argue that the injuries might have been caused by something else which might be hard for you to prove, unless you have consistent medical records.

Settling with insurance rapidly

Insurance companies sometimes put pressure to clear with you quickly before undergoing full treatment. You might think that all is well after the first stage of treatment just to realize that your injury has expanded and the cost hiking-up. In most cases insurance companies do not review the cost after settling the damages.

Not documenting facts and statements early

Documenting an injury on time is extremely critical to avoid changes of viewpoints in the future. When an accident takes place, a police officer’s statement from the scene of accident can be of great help in the law case. You will always be on the safe side when you have all the facts in black and white which cannot be changed.

Making the claims without the assistance of a lawyer

This is a major mistake that most people make. You decide to deal with an insurance company on your own when you don’t understand much about the procedure. These insurance companies have their lawyer who is trained to handle their cases on behalf of the insurance company and for their interest. Hiring Cummings Manookian PLC to follow-up with the insurance company will work to your advantage for your convenience.

Recording your statement with insurance companies

Assuming that the insurance company will do the right thing after disclosing the whole matter to them is one big blunder most people make. You are ignorant that the insurance companies are looking at the insured interest and monetary cost that they will depart with. A recorded statement can be used against you when they pick a single punch-line from the whole recorded statement to pin you down and put you in a tight corner. It’s therefore advisable to avoid recording your statement with an insurance company.

Sometimes people prefer to settle their claims without the help of a lawyer, especially in cases where the injury is minor. When facing a major injury claim, it’s always advisable to engage a professional attorney to get the job done well. They have many years of experience and although they come with a cost, you will find it more rewarding than when you decide to walk the path on your own. Cummings manookian PLC will give you advice on how to handle your case and bargain for a better settlement price for your own advantage.
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