Corporate Fashion – Why you should wear Customized Embroidered Polo Shirts to work

Working in an office setting can be restrictive in terms of what you wear. The typical wardrobe for an office staff is usually filled with suits, ties and other official garments for all their work days. Although dressing up in elegant suits is professional and promotes respect, it can quickly become annoying. Perhaps it is time to spruce it up with something exciting and fashionable, yet formal and appropriate for your profession. If you are up for the idea, here are great ways on how polo shirt embroidery Brisbane companies can help you wear customized corporate casuals that will lighten up the mood in the office and assist in strengthening your brand identity.
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Timeless fashion sense
Embroidery is an old age garment decorating technique that has stood the test of time because of its quality and ability to create beautiful patterns and designs. Embroidery is unique and most appropriate decoration for casual corporate wear because it is mostly used in formal clothing like polo shirts, aprons, table cloths and other cotton fabrics.
When a company’s logo or selling statement is embroidered on the polo shirt, it will look good and last longer than other decorative methods like screen printing and heat transfers. These embroidered shirts will never fail to impress all onlookers due to its beauty and elegance.
The fact that embroidery can turn any plain shirt into a beautiful and majestic custom-made garment means that it can be an excellent alternative to official clothing especially on weekends and select days.
Embroidered shirts strengthen brand identity
An expert shirt embroidery Brisbane service is capable of providing great corporate designs stitched on high quality or famous brand name polo shirts. By sewing logos, emblems or selling statements on the shirt, whether it is just for you or the entire staff, you increase the visibility of your brand wherever you go.
Embroidered polo shirts are  a brilliant way of delivering your company’s message without breaking the bank. You can choose shirts from a wide selection of colors and from different shirt brands that are of the highest quality and provide the best value.
Smart ways to customize polo shirts
When you decide to incorporate polo shirts to your work wear, you want it to attract and communicate the right message to your onlookers. You can imprint your custom message on the shirts in areas like;
  • The collar
  • Front pocket
  • Chest crest
  • Entire front side
  • The back of the shirt
Sometimes you can stitch in more than one place, for example, the collar and front pocket or chest crest. Whichever way you decide, just make sure you don’t overdo the designs. You want to keep it simple, yet with impact.
Where to get customized shirt embroidery Brisbane service
Experience and technical skills are essential to providing quality custom-made embroidered polo shirts. With that said, you should consider contacting Countrywide Embroidery and Clothing – a family run business that has been servicing numerous companies and individuals in Brisbane, Australia since 1986. With Countrywide Embroidery and Clothing, you can be sure of exceptional quality and affordable customized polo shirts.

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