Emergency safety plan in facilities

When working in any industry, there is a high risk of coming into contact with potentially harmful substances like chemicals and gases.   Coming in contact with these can cause problems in limbs, eyes and skin, if not pose a danger to life itself. It’s for these reasons that  facilities ought to have emergency safety plans  so that employees  can have an exit  relief plan when they come into contact with these contaminates. The Australian Standard AS 2982:Laboratory design and construction provides that each laboratory that deals with hazardous substances ought to have Emergency Showers and Eyewash Stations installed within the facility and must conform to Australian standards.


The location of a chemical spill response kit in a facility should be of paramount importance. Emergency Showers and Eyewash Stations, for example, are supposed to be located in proximity to a hazard at least within 55 feet and take less than 10 seconds to reach. They also should be visible with good lighting and must be easy to access. Therefore, paths to a fixture shouldn’t be obstructed by debris or other hazards that may obstruct the path of an injured employee. Also they ought to work properly and immediately at the times that they are needed. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that employees are knowledgeable on use of fixtures as well as their location.

Technological improvements

 As technology is continuously progressing, improvements have been made to flow control, coverage as well as efficiency of these emergency equipment. Emergency showers and eyewash stations, for example, have new designs that incorporate fluid dynamic technology and also operate with regulated pressure control. This, therefore, directs the flow of water leading to a uniform spray pattern that eliminates the contaminants quickly for the eyes and body of the user.

Importance of safety equipment

These equipment are instrumental in instances where personal protective equipment have failed to do their job either due to incorrect use or have just stopped functioning and therefore, left a loophole and a person has gotten into contact with hazardous substances. These environmental management and safety equipment help to buy time before medical attention is sought after. They, therefore, are basically first aid equipment. Read more on absorb enviro

Maintenance and safety

As an oil spill kit and other safety equipment come in handy in case of emergencies, it’s necessary that any responsible organization that has them installed has a plan that will ensure they are being tested and maintained. This includes regular reassessment of risks and requirements, in-house operational testing for equipment done at least on a weekly basis and also have statutory inspections done at least annually.  Also replacements of essential parts as well are instrumental in ensuring short and long term facility safety.

 Having the right emergency fixtures located in appropriate places are instrumental in providing employees with a quick relief from hazardous life-threatening contaminants. A good safety plan also encompasses a regular review as well as proper training of employees on location and appropriate use of the equipment.

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