For the Love of Genuine Wooden Watches

Many people want the glint and feel of silver or golden metal watches to adorn their delicate wrist. However, the genuineness and rarity of a wooden watch make it all the more desirable and timeless. For years, watches carved and crafted from mother nature’s finest timbers have graced many welcoming wrists of both the nobility and the common man. To date, the biggest names and giants of the watch industry continue to create such watches even with the event of high-quality metal, glass and plastic. Here are some features of wooden watches that make them the most must-haves for both men and women in the modern times.

Stylish and Elegant

Wooden watches are stylish and elegant. There will be moments when the shine of jewelry watches and metal watches would make perfect accessories. But, there will be many opportunities when the subtlety and simplicity of watches from wood are fit for the occasion. The elegance of wood in dark and light shades is always in style. And when combined with other products of the earth such as copper and steel, it could complete the look that you want to achieve. The collection of wooden watches from WeWOOD include the finest and trendiest set of wood watches for women and men who place style in utmost consideration.

wooden watch

Unique and Personal

Every watch made of wood is unique. Each watch from WeWOOD is handcrafted from different origins. You can personally choose a watch that speaks of your style and identity. You can choose the classic dark ebony or chocolate browns or the light creamy tones of maple wood. You can choose the modern cut in circular, square or rectangular. You can choose the painted ones or the natural colored ones. You can also choose the studded models for luxurious occasions. The deepness of color, the variety of grains, and the limitless textures of numerous types of wood give you an array of choices for every taste and for every occasion. The collection of watches ranges from luxury wood watches for women and men to casual designs fit for daily use. .

Comfortable, Durable and Functional

Wood is light and, therefore, comfortable to wear. It can withstand the changes in temperature better than metal. Some hardwood is also able to withstand the tests of time, weather and the elements. In fact, these types of wood increase in sturdiness with time. It is no wonder your grandfather’s clock is still around for many decades. And if you have sweaty wrists or sensitive skin, you can make wooden watches your ally since the raw material is generally hypoallergenic. Most importantly, these watches are functional. You can wear them with style and ease. And, you can be guaranteed they are reliable to accurately tell the time.

Wooden watches remain much loved up to this time for their classic touch and feel. There is also that unique feel of connected to mother nature wearing these accessories. WeWOOD is one of the manufacturers of high quality wooden watches which also place great value on the environment. Each purchase of a wooden watch from WeWOOD is equivalent to one tree planted.

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