Tuskan – Simplifying hay bale handling

Very many people have expressed great concerns about the challenges and handles encountered in transporting hay bales using buckets. When you’re using a bucket to transport hay bales from your storage to  a mixer, the hay bales are very prone to contamination from dirt. The worst thing about this contamination is that it has a great negative impact on the hay’s quality and standards. However, you need not worry anymore as Tuskan has a high end bale clamp as a solution for your problem.  The post-modern Tuskan hay bale clamp is designed uniquely to lift hay bales and move them to short distances.

bale clamp
bale clamp

The silage clamp from Tuskan is an incredible simple forklift attachment using hydraulic systems for gripping and lifting hay bales.  The best thing about this clamp from Tuskan is that it comes with state of the art features that make it easy to lift hay bales of different sizes and shapes including rectangular and circular hay bales. The round bale clamp is particularly very ideal for transporting round hay bales. The clamp’s one of a kind design also provides for easy release of hay bales at the mixer. With this clamp you will not need to strain in any way as the clamp will transport and release your hay bales at the mixer with no hardship whatsoever.

The Tuskan clamp has made transporting of hay bales not only easy but also contamination free. With this clamp, you need not worry about your hay getting contaminated by dirt when moving it back and forth from storage to the mixer.  It is worth noting that contamination in hay bales either from dirt, dust or even ash can have far reaching effects in animals. This is because this contamination brings about respiratory problems in animals.  Transporting hay bales using buckets has negligible results as far as protection of hay from contamination is concerned.  Due to this, it is important to use the hay bale grab from Tuskan for all your hay bale handling and transport purposes.

The Tuskan hay bale clamp  works in a unique way  as it uses four spikes with two spikes on each side set in a fork arrangement  for  maximum stability to any bale size.  The hydraulic systems in the clamp allow for adjustments such that different sizes of bales can be clamped on to the clamp.  The clamp can pick bales that are as less as 3 to 9 feet wide. Once clamped, the bay clamp then lifts the bale and transports it to the mixer or any other point based on your choices. Customization of the clamp allows for the square bale fork in the clamp to be adjusted to other shapes such as round shapes for easy lifting of round hay bale.

The Tuskan hay bale clamp is specifically designed for use in the farm, by making the transport and handling bales easy and safe to achieve. The clamp comes with a guarantee for maximum efficiency when used appropriately and maintained in its best working conditions. Visit http://tuskan.com/bale-clamp/

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