Use pillow and mattress that align to your body contour

Recall that old adage, ‘sleep is a golden wand’. In fact this stands true until today as a good night’s sleep keeps you rejuvenated for taking up the challenges the next morning. However, the question is, how would you ensure good sleep if you do not have a good quality mattress and pillow? Well, simply replace that bumpy mattress and pillow with contoured memory foam pillow. With that you would enjoy a sound sleep, and would also be able to relax your mind and the body.

Goes along contours of the body:

Experts point out, in order to get rid of neck and back pain you should sleep on a mattress that goes along with the contour of your body. Further, they also point out that the pillow should provide enough support to your neck. If you sleep on an uneven mattress, it retards blood circulation in the body, which can be a cause of several ailments.  Therefore, you should choose a contoured memory foam pillow so as to prevent neck and back pain caused due to hard and uneven mattress and sagging pillow.

Composition of a memory pillow:

Actually, a memory foam pillow is made of a unique material which is popularly called as ‘polyurethane’. This material is appropriately processed to further enhance its density and viscosity. It is for this reason, the polyurethane used in the making of mattress and memory foam pillow is popularly called as ‘viscoelastic’ polyurethane foam.

Apart from viscosity and elasticity, the viscoelastic polyurethane foam has several other exclusive features. These features are briefly explained here:

·        The unique quality of this exclusive polyurethane is its ability to react to body heat. Depending on the body heat, the polyurethane softens. Once it softens, it goes along the contour of your body. By aligning to the contour, the polyurethane supports your body. In doing so, it naturally helps in proper blood supply to all parts of the body.

·         Further, this foam also provides enough support to the neck. As you know, if the pillow does not support the neck properly, then the head can tilt down and it can even sprain or cause several other discomforts. But, the contoured memory foam pillow aligns itself with the contour of the neck. It also supports the neck muscles and relieves pressure points of the neck. This way, it keeps you away from neck pain and such other ailments. According to experts, proper support to the neck can prevent pressure sores in the neck region.

·         According to researchers, the memory foam pillow should have density in the range of 2.5 to 5.3 pounds per cubic feet. In fact, researchers point out that 3.5 to 4.5 pounds per cubic feet as an appropriate density for a memory pillow. The researchers further suggest that the head and neck are not heavy, and as such they do not need a high density pillow.


The memory foam pillow has come as a great boon to people suffering from neck and back pain. It is a good tool to ensure sound and comfortable sleep.

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